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Business Coaching & Training


Contact us if you have questions or to book an appointment.  Local clients may be seen in our office, but I also offer online coaching, counselling and training for those who prefer it and for international clients.


Executive Coaching

The challenges of being a member of upper management and the executive team can create stress in your life that affects not only your work, but also all other areas of your life.  Together we can explore your challenges and discover ways to help you bring balance back to your life and regain the passion for your career.  We will look at your unique challenges and provide you with a safe place to work through thoughts, ideas and emotions.  Individual coaching is available in person, on the phone and online, so that you have access to coaching wherever (or whenever, to accommodate your travels to different time zones) you are.


New Manager Coaching

Are you a new manager who has never had employees report to you?  Are you struggling with your team dynamics or how to help employees who are struggling?  Becoming a manager for the first time can feel overwhelming, but together we can work through the challenges you will face and help you understand different people with different personalities.  Individual coaching and small group coaching are available.


Goal Masters

Having goals and executing on your goals are two entirely different things.  Learn how to set more effective goals and follow through, while minimizing stress.  Working with you, I can help you develop your process to determine the action items and how to get them done.  You may have specific barriers that are holding you back from achieving goals that we will first identify, then work to remove.  Becoming a master with goals improves productivity and success.  Individual or group coaching available.


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in the Workplace

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