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Community Building

We are always looking to help in our community If you know of or are involved in a local organization and would like support, please contact us.

At Rich Connections, we, Vivienne and Stacey, like to support our community and its members.  We will occasionally pick a specific charity or individual that we want to help by highlighting their endeavours.



This month, we have heard about a local man who could use your help. Despite Jason's challenges, he is making great progress and is the type of person who inspires with their optimism.   There is a Go Fund Me page set up for him.


Jason's Go Fund Me Page


Jason Woo is a 43 year old very courageous young man who has recently and suddenly lost his eye sight. Jason has been in the Ottawa Civic Hospital since August 9th, 2017 and is soon to be released. He will need to learn to live his new life without sight.


Jason became very ill from an ulcer he had in his bowel/stomach area. This is what happened.

- Ulcer tore loose and bled

- Had to receive 4.7 units of blood

- Haemoglobin went to 39

- Stroked in the back of both of his eyes

- Crystals formed and cannot be dissolved

- Jason has no light going into his eyes and has completely lost his vision. It cannot be restored.


They say he is lucky to be alive and not have damage to his brain or his organs.


What he has accomplished already:

Jason is getting all around the hospital, up and down the elevators, goes out side etc. on his own. Jason  already has his CNIB ID Card and is taking the Para transpo on his own.


While Jason has been in the hospital he has met a lot of people who have become his friends:

Doctors, nurses, patients, family of patients. Some have asked Jason do you have a Go-Fund-Me Page?


What he needs:

Jason's good friend Josh has offered to set up a Go-Fund-Me -Page to help Jason purchase the "Orcam Myeye" which costs $4500, Visit for more information on the "Orcam Myeye". As well as all the costs involving one to go back to school to learn a new career without his sight and unforeseen costs.


Jason has worked as a logger, in construction, building high rises, in cement forms, for the oil fields etc., etc.

Being blind this is going to be a complete change of life for Jason.


Jason’s goals are to learn to:


-Live in an apartment on his own

-Walk the streets on his own

-Takes the buses on his own

-Go to programs that will teach him to manage his life on his own.

-Further his education


Jason would eventually like to be able to help others, who unfortunately became blind as it is a very scary thing to go through. Jason tries to put on a brave face in front of every one but, behind closed doors it is a very scary life he is living in darkness. He has a steep hill in front of him to climb and a rough road to walk as a totally blind man.



Jason's Go Fund Me Page


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