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Individual Counselling & Coaching


Contact us if you have questions or to book an appointment.  Local clients may be seen in our office, but we also offer online counselling and training for those who prefer it and for international clients.


Whom do we Serve?

Men, women and children above the age of twelve (with parental consent).


Vivienne Filiatreault

I offer counselling for a variety of challenges including fear, grief, depression, anxiety, unhealthy relationships, difficult family dynamics, stress, anger, low self-esteem, trauma, divorce, separation, crisis and that feeling of being lost or stuck.  I have a very holistic approach and use different modalities including, as an option, hypnosis.   My tools include reframing, stress reduction, deep breathing, meditation, and visualization.  My focus is forward movement in thinking. Change your thinking, to change your reality.


Stacey Kirkpatrick

I offer individual counselling and coaching for teens and adults facing a variety of challenges including depression, anxiety , self esteem, stress and parenting issues.  I specialize in coaching techniques to help people move forward and create the life they desire.  My focus includes helping you find your passion and purpose, and taking steps to make it your reality.


Your Investment in your Self


Sessions are typically 1 hour.

Sliding scale and payment plan available


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