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Personal Training Workshops


Vivienne Filiatreault Counselling & Hypnosis and Stacey Kirkpatrick Counselling and Coaching have joined efforts, to offer unique and specialized workshops for your personal growth and development.


Contact us if you have questions and to see when workshops are available.  We will follow up with the schedule and an introduction to ensure you will be happy with the workshop you have chosen.  Local clients may be seen in our office, but we also offer online counselling and training for those who prefer it and for international clients.


Living Alone and Loving It

What is the difference between being alone and being lonely?  Through fun exercises and working with others in a small intimate group, you will gain self awareness that allows you to develop your own identity and discover the joys of living alone and loving it.


Making Richer Connections

Helping you build the right connections with the right people.  You will learn how to connect with intention and understand how you relate to others in your personal relationships at home, at work or in the world at large.  You will examine how you communicate with others and how to connect more deeply.


Magnificent Men

With gender roles changing and expectations of men shifting, men sometimes find themselves lost in this new world.  You want to be a magnificent man, but how do you navigate relationships with women and with colleagues, where some expect a stereotypical macho, strong persona while others expect you to express emotions and open yourself to vulnerability?  You will examine your values and gain self awareness in a comfortable environment.


Fabulous Fathers

Fathers want to connect with their children and be a more integral part of the family beyond the traditional bread winner role.  You will learn how to communicate more deeply with your children and parent with your partner in a way that respects each other's views, using co-operative parenting. You will learn strategies for maintaining a united, stable front that your children can rely upon for guidance and direction.  You will examine your  values and how they align with your children's developing personalities so that you can connect in more creative ways.


Marvellous Moms

Expectations of what a mom should be are often being driven by the media.  Being the Pinterest Perfect Mom is adding stress to already full days.  You will connect with your own values and discover how you can be a marvelous mom, without exhausting yourself and your children.  You will learn strategies for parenting children, who will grow up to be independent, young people, not still living in your basement at 40.


Sensational Single Parents

Being a single parent is very hard and it brings with it a special set of challenges.  You will learn how to connect with others for support when you need it, through a stronger support network.  You will examine your beliefs about family and how your unique qualities can provide your children with amazing skills that will empower them in their future lives.  You will explore how to let go of any guilt that may arise in difficult circumstances.


Strategic Serenity

Finding serenity in today's world can be difficult and if you also find yourself suffering from anxiety or panic attacks it can seem easier to just crawl back into bed.  Strategic Serenity is about learning how to bring yourself into a state of calm, through grounding and deep breathing techniques when you need it, where you need it.  It is also about understanding that moments of anxiety are to be expected and are a natural reaction to protect you, but that you can take control of those moments.


Letting Go

It seems that slowing down and simplifying our lives are all over the news, but what does it mean to you?   Are you allowing cable news to bring the trauma of the world into your home?  Are you addicted to social media and the number of likes you receive?  Is your house filled with the results of retail therapy that are now just piles of junk? Are their issues with your family that remain unresolved?  You will look at where you hold on to things that bring more stress into your life, from the clutter in your home, to the the clutter in your mind. Discover ways to take back control over your thoughts, your emotions and your environment.


Lighting Your Path

Depression is part of human existence.  You will learn how to connect with your innate wisdom and reignite the spark that brings enjoyment to your life. You will explore new, creative ways to light your path towards deeper fulfillment.


Financial Freedom

Examine your beliefs about finances and discover how your relationship with money has shaped your current situation.  Learn how to approach finances from a new perspective of abundance and joy, even when you still have debt.  Get real about where you are today and where you want to be in the future.


Wake up

Stop living like an automaton, waking up, going to work, coming home, going to bed, only to start the process all over again. So many feel they have no alternative to their mundane, joyless existence.  Wake up to a new vision for your life.   You will discover how to break free and live a life with purpose and passion.


If you would like to be added to our list to hear when we are running our next workshop, please let us know by clicking here.

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